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Benjamin Franklin Twitter

Keep it 100’@b_franklin

A dollar bill will make us all rich. That’s just how I feel.

2 Retweets46 Likes

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Check @50cent out, they're doing it right!

Tippy Character 50 Cent

Curtis J. Jackson @50centReplying to @b_franklin

I’m taking that for my next single.

@tippymoney send $10 for the dope lyrics.

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Is Tippy free?

Having a Tippy account as a supporter is free. We deduct a fee of 5% (excluding Stripe’s card processing fees) from creators on tips they receive.

How does Tippy handle my tips and account information?

Tippy partners with Stripe to offer safe and secure payment options that are PCI compliant (Level 1). We do not store any funds or payment related information within Tippy.

Can I also earn money as a creator?

Of course! Once you have signed up as a supporter, you can also become a creator through the dashboard.

Why does Tippy need so many app permissions?

Tippy uses information from your public profile to connect your Twitter account to Tippy. We do not have access to any private information such as direct messages or use any form of follow or unfollow features.

A bit unsure still? We're happy to give you an overview on how we work - just reach out!

How do people know I'm using Tippy?

Share with your followers, or go ahead and tip a creator!

We encourage you to let others know you are supporting others through Tippy. Some users tweet, others update their bio - it’s up to you how you wish to share it with your followers.