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John Cash Avatar

John Cash@john_cash

You build on failure. You use it as stepping stone. Close the door on the past.

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Supporters send tips your way

Your audience is hanging on your every character and decide to send you a tip, contribution or dollar bills in a reply.

Check @dolly out, they're doing it right!

Tippy Dolly Avatar

Dolly Dollarbill @dollyReplying to @john_cash

This is just the Monday motivation I needed, John!
@tippymoney send $10 for the nice pick-me-up.


Cha-ching, you get paid!

Tippy confirms the tip and sends the money to your piggy bank bank account. Too easy.

Tippy twitter pic


@john_cash you've been sent a tip! 🥳 from @dolly

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Is there a fee to use Tippy?

Having a Tippy Creator account is completely free. We charge a modest fee of 5% (excluding card processing fees) on tips you receive. That means we make money when you make (a lot more) money.

How does Tippy handle my payment and account information?

Tippy partners with Stripe to offer safe and secure payment options that are PCI compliant (Level 1). We do not store any funds or payment related information within Tippy.

You can request a payout from your account settings when you have earnt $50usd or more, or by contacting us.

Can I also support others by tipping?

Of course! Once you have signed up as a creator, you can also become a supporter through your dashboard.

How do people know I'm using Tippy?

Share with your followers! We encourage you to let your supporters know you can now receive tips through Tippy.

Some users tweet, others update their bio - it’s up to you how you wish to share it with your audience.