Now, you can get paid for your tweets.

Tippy is the new way to earn money from your social media. Be rewarded for your great tweets.

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Raz Rashid@ux_raz

I published a four step article on how to validate and grow your idea!
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Great read! @tippymoney $15.
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Nice, we are sending your tips! 💸

Receiving tips is as easy as sending a reply.

Supporters can now reward you for your great tweets without having to leave Twitter.

For creators

Get rewarded for your content

You put a lot of effort into your content to add value to people. Now you can get rewarded for your efforts with Tippy. Allowing supporters to send tips directly on Twitter.

For supporters

Show your appreciation for great content

Support great content on Twitter and show your appreciation by tipping them using Tippy.

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Become an early adopter & support creators on Twitter today.

Join the beta and help us shape Tippy with your valuable feedback.

Questions you might be thinking about

Does it cost to use Tippy?

For Supporters, Tippy is 100% free to use.

For Creators, we have a fair, 10% platform fee (excluding card processing costs) to keep the lights on. Not earning? You won't be charged a thing.

Why do we charge? We are two independent makers looking to help faciliate others to get paid online. The platform fee allows us to cover costs and continue development to bring you and your supporters an easier way to transact.

As a supporter, how are my funds transferred?

We transfer funds and store payment methods securely with Stripe. You let us know who you want to support and the amount - we take care of transferring the funds to that person. Easy!

As a creator, Where are my funds stored?

We do not store funds with Tippy. We transfer them securely to your card, or bank account daily through Stripe.

What if the creator I want to support doesn’t use Tippy?

Not a problem! In that case we mention the intended recipent and let them know you tried to support them. No funds will be charged to your card.

If the creator signs up within 7 days, they will be sent the tip. If not, no charge is made.

Can I hide how much I donate to someone?

Yes! You will be able to hide the tip amount if you wish.

Am I able to be both a creator and supporter?

Yes! You can create accounts for both. Once you have become either a supporter or creator you can easily add the other account in your account settings.

The origins of Tippy

We believe great creators should get paid for their efforts and wanted a way to do this in the context we were most comfortable doing so - on Twitter.

We didn't want to have to enter our card on another webpage every time we wanted to support someone new or commit to monthly payments - we just wanted to easily support those that we find value in and decided to take the plunge to work on Tippy and help facilitate this type of support.

So on February 1st 2021, Tippy was born!


Building everything you interact with and the Tippy engine that allows you to send money through the interwebs.




Always talking with users to understand their goals, needs and solving product design problems.

Raz Rashid